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Organised Rides will be conducted around the local Greater Port Macquarie Hastings area and its neighbouring areas in all four cardinal directions.

These will be conducted over the four (4) days of the Event week, commencing on Tuesday, 23.5.17, and concluding on Friday 26.5.17.

Organised Rides will leave from the Wauchope area between 8.30 am and 9.30 am each of those mornings, subject to demand; i.e. a sufficient number of registrants for a given ride.

As in past Events, Riders will be required to Register for their chosen Ride no later than the day preceding; including nominating any pillion.  Such numbers (of persons) are required for catering purposes.

Each ride will operate with a minimum number of 5 (five) bikes, up to a desired maximum of 20 (twenty) bikes.

Long Rides may be up to 300 to 400 km with time to stop, sight see and socialise.  Such will allow for morning tea / coffee stop, and a lunch venue; such that members can enjoy a reasonable lunch break, sufficient to allow all Members to be catered for; aiming to return around mid to late afternoon; possibly with another stop included.

Shorter Rides will include a morning tea / coffee stop / break, but plan on returning for lunch, or early afternoon.

Girls may have their own “GO Ride” (Girls only).

Naturally, such Organised Rides will depend greatly on you, the Members, coming forth to volunteer to lead these Rides, and /or be TEC (Tail-End-Charlie).

So, don’t hold back; contact the Organised Rides Coordinator, Graham Solomon, on E:  or

SMS: 0415 919 449 indicating your interest to assist with an Organised Ride.
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