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With just a short while to the day that we commence running our Organised Rides during  the  AGM Event with anticipated perfect May weather, we have test run our SHOWCASE Organised Ride; “Scenic Explorer”.

From the top of North Brother Mountain, to the swimmers and sun-bathers at Pilot Beach, the ride highlights our lovely area.

Then, onto Tacking Point and Town Beach, before heading back towards Wauchope.

ScenicExplorer" – This all day sojourn will introduce the area’s visitor to the highlights of the region’s scenic delights through a circular tour.

We will have frequent stops of reasonable duration to take in the scenic beauty of these highlights.

This tour could well leave you with the desire to return to some of these spots in your own time and leisure.

Includes Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea stops before returning mid to late afternoon.

Approximately125 kms.”

For further details about other rides, please see the Rides & Tours information.

Graham Solomon

2017 AGM Organised Rides Coordinator

0415 919 449

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