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If you ride an adventure bike and are on the hunt for some dirt roads, then the Port Macquarie hinterland promises to have the best adventure rides ever at a Ulysses AGM Event.

Hidden in the Great Dividing Range behind Port Macquarie are some of the best and most diverse dirt roads in the county. We have everything from scenic dirt back roads, through fast forestry roads, to gnarly and steep roads with lots of ruts and rubble! Oh yes, and the odd water crossing and mud hole, too! Add in magnificent forest county and stunning views, and we have it all.
So come prepared, OK? You can do it easy, or you can do it hard! The choice will be yours.

We will have some great organised adventure rides from Tuesday to Friday during the AGM Event week. If that doesn’t suit, then we will have turn-by-turn ride sheets for you. And if you do a bit of research before hand, you can do your own thing. Hint: search for the Knodingbul Road!
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