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If you’re after a new set of tyres during the 2017 Ulysses AGM Event, come and see us at Mud n Tar motorcycles. Whether you’re after a set of racing slicks or the most aggressive off road tyre we can cater for both and everything in between!
For the 2017 Ulysses AGM we have organised a Truck with a tyre changing machine containing approx* 220 sets of tyres to be available during the week to make sure we have an ample supply of tyres to accommodate the expected turn out of riders.  In addition to these tyres we have also put in a large range of tyres in our shop in varying brands to supplement stock quantities. 
All care has been taken to accommodate tyre sizes, brands and style, however to avoid disappointment please call and book your set of tyres and a time to change them.
Our contact details are:

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