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Ulysses Club Inc. AGM Event 2017 Tour Information

Ulysses Exclusive Day Tours

Two of our local tour operators have collated a selection of full and half day tours,
especially for our members, showcasing some of the highlights of our region–

Bookings are open NOW – book early to avoid disappointment

Frankies Travel Bookings & Itinerary CLICK HERE

Wauchope Travel Tour Guide / Itinerary pdf CLICK HERE

Download the Wauchope Travel Booking Form pdf CLICK HERE

N.B The above tours have been arranged exclusively for Ulysses Club Members by respective tour
Bookings and enquiries should be addressed directly to either
Frankies Travel (0424 577 881 - bookings@frankiestravel.com or
Wauchope Travel (02 6585 2288 or info@wauchopetravel.com.au.)
Please also note that all tours are subject to minimum/maximum numbers and subject to change.

The Port Macquarie – Wauchope AGM Committee would like to invite all our visiting Ulysses Club family to come and enjoy our area and what it has to offer.

Our ride leaders are looking forward to taking you on one or more of our organised rides, which you can select from the list below.

We are limited to 30 riders each ride for safety and catering reasons. Rides will be required to be pre-booked, at least the day prior.  Booking details are to include Rider’s name, mobile number, and No. of persons on bike.  Which ride you would like to do, and on which day (Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th May) will be on the individual Ride Booking Sheets.

On each ride we will be using standard corner marking system, and be riding within the scope of the local road rules.

We also have many suggestions and maps for self-guided rides  These will be available  at the Ride Booking desk  situated outside the Event H.Q. Office, (located in the Show Society’s Office) next to the arena on the AGM site.

Our ride assembly point will be the car park of the Fairmont Gardens Sports Field located off Fairmont Drive, via Ellenborough Place, off Cameron Street (south); look for the signs.

We look forward to meeting you on the day with a full tank and an empty bladder.  The Rides will depart from 8.30 am to 10.00 am.  You need to be at the departure point 30 minutes before the departure time.

Scenic Explorer – Full Day Ride – 135 Km; of local tourist delight with adequate time at various stops to enjoy what our area has to offer; North Brother Mountain, Dunbogan for M/Tea, up the coast roads to Port Macquarie, Town Beach, then Hastings River Drive to Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries for lunch and an optional tour of their Strawberry Farm, before returning to Wauchope via Pembrooke.

Slim Dusty Centre (Kempsey) – Full Day Ride – 185 km; to the Slim Dusty Centre at Kempsey for M/Tea and Visit; on via Crescent Head to Smithtown Pub for lunch before returning to Wauchope via Pembrooke.

Nabiac Motorcycle Museum – 222 km; to the Museum, with M/Tea & Lunch stops along the way, before returning to Wauchope via Bago Road.

Trial Bay Gaol  – Full Day Ride – 235 km; via the back roads to Telegraph Point, on to Kempsey for M/Tea at the Slim Dusty Centre, on to Crescent Head, follow the Belmore River to South West Rocks, lunching at the Riverside Tavern, before vising Trial Bay Gaol in the beautiful Arakoon N.P.

Harrington & Crowdy Head – Full Day Ride – 140 Km; South via Bago Road to Harrington for M/Tea; then out to take in the scenic delights of the Crowdy Head area, before returning to Coopernook Pub for an optional lunch prior to returning to Wauchope, et al.

Bellbrook – Full Day Ride – 235 km; via the back roads to Telegraph Point, on to Kempsey for M/Tea at the Slim Dusty Centre, on to Bellbrook via the back roads, by-passing the Kempsey CBD.  Similar return; lunching at Bellbrook.

Gloucester – Full Day Ride – 290 - 305 Km; Ride the iconic Buckets Way west of Taree into the beautiful Gloucester Valley.  M/Tea enroute; lunching at Gloucester before our return.

Tuncurry / Forster, Smiths Lake, Wootton Loop – Full Day Ride – 310 Km;  To Moorland for M/T, then ride Lakes Way through Tuncurry & Forster to Smiths Lake for lunch, returning via the balance of Lakes Way & Wootton.

The Pub with No Beer  (Taylors Arm) – Full Day Ride – 270 Km; Taking the back roads to Telegraph Point, we then travel north on the largely upgraded Pacific Highway towards Macksville, where we ‘head bush’ (on sealed roads) to this iconic destination for lunch.  M/Tea enroute.

Comboyne & Mount Seaview – Full Day Ride – 170 Km; Take the beautiful ride up to Comboyne for M/Tea, then return to resume the Oxley Highway to Mount Seaview Resort for lunch.  Optional stop at Long Flat on return to Wauchope.

Adventure / “Brown” / Off –Road Rides are also planned

Please Note: All Rides are subject to Member interest via pre-registration, (as above, for a minimum of 5 bikes), AND the availability of Volunteer Ride Leaders.

As Rides are still being developed, particularly with an emphasis on supporting our Event supporters, some details may be subject to change.


All of the above Rides will have detailed Ride Sheets available at the Event for those Members who ‘wish to do their own thing’.

For those seeking shorter, typically morning only rides, many of the above can be shortened; e.g.:  To the Slim Dusty Centre for M/Tea; likewise to Comboyne, or Harrington, or even Crescent Head; all being comfortable ‘returns’ by the middle of the day.

In addition, you can ride ‘The Oxley’ (Highway), and enroute to Walcha, (163 Km) you can find (beyond Mount Seaview), Gingers Creek and the Apsley Falls, with its scenic falls and bush walks in the Oxley Wild Rivers N.P.

Upon reaching Walcha, (163 Km), a left turn will take you down Thunderbolts Way to Gloucester to return via Buckets Way towards Taree; another iconic ride.  However, this round trip is of approx. 460 Km and 6 hrs riding time; so such would be a “Rider’s Ride”, not leaving much time for sightseeing.

A right turn at Walcha will lead you towards Uralla, where upon approach, a right turn into Gostwyck Rd, will take you out to the historic Gostwyck Chapel, still operating today; approx. 430 Kms return.  Lunch can be found at Uralla or Walcha.

Booral Gloucester Loop Ride

 – Full Day Ride – 366 Km; South to Bulahdelah for M/Tea overlooking the river, then through to Booral & Gloucester for lunch, riding more of the Buckets Way, before heading back around the Taree area on your return.

We will also have a limited supply of local Cartoscope Maps covering our immediate areas; courtesy of Cartoscope.

We look forward to meeting you on the day with a full tank and an empty bladder.

Ulysses Club